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The Poorest Man

The Poorest Man, is an 80-minute, English language feature film, to be produced in Cambodia. The film is based on the true story of Van Chhuon, a former Khmer Rouge village chief credited with saving over 100 families during the worst years of the Pol Pot regime.

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Dave Walker


In Memory of our friend Dave Walker - Siem Reap - Cambodia

Dave Walker believed in human kind, goodness and truth. He also believed in the story of 'The Poorest Man' with all of his heart and that story will be told in memory and honour of the brave, good and kind people of Cambodia and of Dave Walker, an amazing story teller and our friend.

Animist Farm Films co-founder and veteran journalist Dave Walker was missing since the 14th February

We are not going to speculate as to what happened to Dave. Since his disappearance the Internet is abound with such rumours and guess work. Instead as with Dave's life we will focus only on the facts. This is the way in which we will honour our friend.

We maintain our simple plea – if you do have any information as to the circumstances surrounding Dave's disappearance, you can confidentially drop us a line using our contacts form located on the menu above.

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Our view on the industry:

It is no secret that many traditional filmmakers are mortified that people watch their movies on laptops and hand-held devices. But even as new digital platforms are created, what will most likely survive, are good stories. Netflix and VOD may have changed the distribution model, but the growth of those companies proves that the public still loves good, original stories. And good, original stories are what we are about.